Rebecca's Welsh Cobs. Jakes and Taran.
Photo by Frances Cooper.

Well, what can I say? I am a 32 year old artist and illustrator living in the stunning mountains of North Wales. I graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design with a First Class Degree in Illustration in 2003 after winning the 'Debenham's Design Innovator of the Year Award' for my Final Year Portfolio. From this I gained my first commercial commission to produce the art work for the Debenham's New Store in Birmingham's Bull Ring Shopping Complex. Even five years later they are still up. From that very first commission I have
never really looked back.
For a short while I worked as a Junior Designer and web-designer at a local Internet company back home in North Wales but now I am a part-time artist and illustrator concentrating on my clients' commissions. These can range from book illustrations to fashion to a watercolour of a client's favourite dog!

Rebecca's Husband, Jonathan under the
Ffestiniog Railway Engine David Lloyd George.
My father Peter is a huge insparation for me and I suppose it's where I get my unique watercolour style from. My focus in life is to produce beautiful paintings that people can enjoy - for me, that is true art. Art is not some people running around the Tate Modern in London, nor is it an 'un-made bed'. These are just concepts, something the advertising industry has been doing for years to to get an idea for a campaign! Peter was a Creative Director with Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising Agency in 1970's and ran his own successful Graphic Design Business for many years before becoming a Design Lecturer in the 1990's.

Photo puiblished with kind permission from Sally Marie Photography, Barmouth.

I am married to Jonathan Whalley, the Chief Mechanical Engineer on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways. Jon and I live on a small farm we bought in March 2010 and I have my studios in my home with my five cats, Meg, Samson. Maizie, Lottie and Bee and our Collie Dog, Merryn to keep me company. As you may of noticed I am a keen horse woman and I own three beautiful Welsh Cobs called Lasgarn Jake, Bryndir Taran and our rising three year old Deicin Flash-Jack who can be seen on our land just outside my studio window. They are my insparation behind most of my equine paintings.

Photo of the Artist on Taran and Neighbour Jane on Tess galloping along
Black Rock Sands. September 2010.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of my work.

*2013 Price range, depending on subject, size and background etc,
please contact me for a personal quote. I usually charge:

A4 Watercolour Portrait: £140.00 - £160.00*
A3 Watercolour Portrait: £200.00 - £260.00*
A2 Watercolour Portrait: £280.00 - £500.00*

Oil / Arcrylic on Canvas: £200 - £1500.00*

A3 Prints at £20.00 each

Cartoons are usually £50 to £150.00

Gift Vouchers are available on request

I work from good quality photographs or I can visit to draw from life!

For commercial illustration: £25.00 per hour.


Rebecca riding her Welsh Cob, Taran.
Photo by Frances Cooper.



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